Delivering Life-Saving Therapeutics
with Next-Gen Carriers

MESOX is transforming the way pharmaceuticals are formulated through carrier technologies providing enhanced bioavailability at speed and resource efficiency

our mission

To expedite the development of life-saving therapeutics by enhancing the speed and resource-efficiency of the formulation process. 
Why now?

Formulation development is slow and wasteful. With 9 out of 10 pipeline molecules facing bioavailability challenges, $200BN worth of products going off patent soon, and more complex molecules on the horizon, there is a pressing need for innovative and efficient formulation methods.


Leveraging the power of our patented carriers and digital formulation models, we are rapidly and efficiently developing new bioavailable therapeutics, accelerating sustainable medicine development and improving global access to life-saving treatments.

Recognised as a 'Pioneer in carrier drug delivery technology'

National winner badge on transparent background

carriers engineered from fda-approved materials

Next-Gen carrier technologies

Our carrier technologies can improve patient compliance and health outcomes by enhancing drug bioavailability and reducing dosage and frequency. Formulations can be rapidly made within days for various modalities.

Small molecules

Enhancing bioavailability, amorphous form stability and controlled-release

Mid-sized molecules

Optimising the delivery of beyond rule of 5 molecules e.g. PROTACs and molecular glues


Pushing the boundaries of what's deliverable
to mucosal/other tissues

Accelerating patient access to life-saving therapeutics

Building a Hybrid 505(b)(2) Pipeline

Our core strategy is to develop clinically differentiated therapeutic assets at speed and resource-efficiency leveraging our IP-protected carriers, accompanying digital formulation models and an accelerated 505(b)(2) regulatory strategy.

Partnering with key stakeholders to accomplish our mission

'Collaboration and Expertise define us'