Collaborative in nature

We work with you to define your molecule’s challenges and formulation objectives, then swiftly devise a scalable solution that meet your needs.

  • Particle engineering expertise – Many years developing particle delivery systems and spray drying solutions for pharmaceutical clients.

  • Innovative technologies – We help you differentiate your product in a competitive market utilising our IP-protected drug delivery solutions.

  • Responsive and time-efficient – We value your time, listening to your development needs and keeping you updated on progress.

Collaboration stages

Unique Feasibility Approach

Our scientists will cut-down the time needed for feasibility studies using a combination of proprietary molecular dynamics models and low-sample quantity assessment (Differential Scanning Calorimetry -DSC, and Nitrogen Porosimetry).

  • De-risked – In Silico models to determine drug loading capacity

  • Less sample requirement – Thermal studies conducted on few mgs to confirm loading

  • Accelerated – No time wasted on polymer-miscibility studies (load within the pores and you’re good to go!)

Is a mesoporous carrier a good choice for your molecule?

Case study - Formulation feasibility

Felodipine is a poorly soluble drug with limited dissolution in aqueous media. We reformulated this drug using our MesoPAC technology, leading to doubling of its in vivo oral bioavailability.

Dosage form development

After establishing the feasibility of MesoPAC for your molecule, the next stage would be to develop a dosage form containing the loaded carrier particles and characterise the formulation in preparation for subsequent scale-up and cGMP manufacture.

  • Spray drying – Scalable drug loading process widely used by the pharmaceutical industry (Different nozzles 2/3-fluid, ultrasonic, peristaltic/pressure pumps and solvent-recycling capability)

  • Dosage form – Wide range of choices from tablets (immediate/dispersible), capsules, suspensions and transdermal patches.

  • Stability studies – Accelerated stability studies under ICH storage conditions.

Is your molecule compatible with spray drying?

Scale-up your manufacturing process

We carry out scalability studies and provide proof that formulation is scalable to GMP pilot and commercial scales.

  • Access SD1-PSD4 spray dryers – Working in partnership with selected third parties to scale-up your GMP spray drying loading process (from grams – 100’s kilograms).

  • Compaction simulation – We have an array of tests and tools to ensure your tablet manufacturing process is scalable to high-speed tableting machines.

  • Minimum waste and sustainability – We are developing an end-to-end digital manufacturing capability to streamline your molecule’s journey from the early phases to GMP manufacture, while reducing resource consumption and minimising environmental impact.

Still not sure? Speak to one of our experts!

Whether its a solubility, bioavailability, stability or a controlled-release application, we’ve got your back!