How it works?

Microcarrier with 20 nanometre pores

Drug molecules can be loaded within the nanopores/mesopores of our carrier which leads to:

  • Surface anchoring Drug molecules attach to internal pore surfaces in random orientations

  • Amorphous formation – Molecules continue to cluster into a random amorphous form within pores.

  • Amorphous form confined The pore dimensions limit the growth of molecular cluster preventing the formation of the poorly soluble crystalline drug.

Therefore, the drug stays in the amorphous form which has better dissolution and bioavailability (absorption) in the body.

Carrier properties

  • Safe material Carrier made from cellulosic material that is FDA-approved

  • Widely applicable – Tested with several compounds

  • Excellent performance Proven both in vitro and in vivo

Empty poresDrug-loaded pores

Drug loading and scalability

Drug loading can be done using bench-top processes like rotary evaporator/mini-spray dryer during feasibility or spray drying for pilot/commercial scale process

  • Drug loading can be done using different solvents

  • Repeatable loading – Process repeatable and scalable

  • Loading ensures stability Drug confined within carrier mesopores (no separation issues)

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